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Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial Believes That Retirement Planning Can Start Right After College

Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial recently spoke to college students about the importance of planning for retirement the moment that they graduate. These steps can make this process much smoother, they claim.

Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial Suggests Retirement Planning ASAP

Marc Linsky of Marc Linsky is a certified financial planner who holds a CFP certification and who has been recognized by multiple states – including New Jersey, Florida, and New York – for his excellence in many financial services. And his suggestions for retirement planning have become some of the most trusted in the nation, due to his success with Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial.

So when he says that retirement planning can and should start with college, it is very easy to believe him. One of the critical steps, as defined by Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial, is to start saving a little bit of money the moment that you finish college. He suggests at least 15 percent of your finances being put aside into a form of savings account or some investment. This process is wise for many reasons.

First of all, putting aside nearly 20 percent of your income every month builds a consistent and persistent level of savings. Marc Linsky suggests finding a living situation, first, one that doesn’t take up more than 33 percent of your income after you save the 15 percent from it. You may have to cut back a little during the early years of this process, but Marc Linsky says that it will be more than worth it.

For example, a strict budget is a good step for those at their first job. Try to avoid going out and eating or buying unnecessary items. For many college students, Marc Linsky says, this period of adjustment may feel like an extension of college years. There will likely be a lot of inexpensive foods, like pasta and rice, eaten during this part of a person’s savings period.

As your career advances, Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial suggests keeping that 15 percent savings rate. And he also recommends finding a job that focuses on your retirement, such as providing a matching 401k. When you find this amenity, Marc Linsky says that you should place your 15 percent monthly savings into this account to get the best results.

Beyond that, Marc Linsky of Estreet Financial also suggests that you open a compound savings account with the highest possible percentage of return. Several thousands of dollars – such as leftover student loan money – placed in a savings account at a young age could end up netting you over half a million dollars. Marc Linsky emphasizes these tactics because the earlier you start planning, the more money you will have available for your retirement.


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